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Shifuji's Vision & mission


Master Shifuji has a wide range of influences. One of his greatest role models is Indian revolutionary Shaheed Bhagat Singh Ji, sporting a moustache similar in style and often wearing clothing with his face printed on. Their nationalist views and ideas are what Master Shifuji abides by. They also influenced his choice to develop programs for the nation's youth. Being a freelance mentor & trainer, Shifuji has a goal to unify the nation against threats while being ready to deliver the offensive. Shifuji is a staunch nationalist. His nationalism may be construed as abusive, abrasive and aggressive. But, having had a REVOLUTIONARy, freedom fighters & armed forces upbringing and losing family members due to war may have brought his aggression & pain. Therefore, he has brought on himself to be a freelance mentor & trainer and to develop, incubate and mentor various forces to deter anti-nationalistic attacks. What is to be respected that his services are free of cost to the Indian Armed Forces & he has never ever taken the credit for his selfless services. 


Grandmaster Shifuji is currently working on two ‘dream projects' to empower people of the nation especially the youth. The first is ‘Prachand Bharat'. Through this project, Shifuji wishes to educate all in the same way he was brought up, through core Gurukul education systems, with great moral values & pride, a regime in Vedic military training and disaster management.

Shifuji's second goal is to empower women through ‘Mission Prahar' where he aims to train 1 crore women of all ages in anti-rape & anti-in-house assault tactics for self- protection defence. He wishes to aid in the progress of India's women through ‘self-actualization' in a vibrant, self-excellent and holistic way with a sense of pride and glory towards the nation and themselves. This he believes, will contribute to the consistent growth of ‘Bharat', the nation. While this may be his mission, he ultimately wishes that this goal progresses into positive awareness of women and development of core Indian values.

Effects of Prahar:

So far, MASTER Shifuji has approximately trained a total of 39,00,000 women across the country since 1999 but he says that he is still miles away from his goal of training one crore women of all ages. Shifuji is part of the more rare class of people attempting to change the outlook of India. In an age where women all over the country are in fear of assault or harassment, his views on positive awareness of women is a testament to his work. In the view of investing women with their own protection and self-help through extreme survival, protection skills of self-defence, Shifuji has welcomed an era of self-confident women. Shifuji has carried out some of the largest training workshops for women. The Mission Prahar team has organized workshops across rural areas in Assam, Bihar, Tripura, Meghalaya, Bhopal, Lucknow, Chitrakoot, Aazamgadh, Pune, Punjab, Indore, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Ajmer, Baanswara, Jaipur, Chennai, Bangalore, Nellore etc. All of these workshops have received a highly positive response and a massive attendance. To reach out to all ages, Shifuji has developed short training courses to accommodate training for young girls and kids. Additionally, Shifuji is aided by women whom he trained personally and who have envisioned a strong and self-dependent woman in their country. Mission Prahar has seen an age range of participants like no other, with the youngest being two and a half and the oldest participant of 87 years. ‘Mission Prahar' also distinguishes itself in training women irrespective of their caste, creed religion or sect, all of it free of cost and free of judgment.


Master Shifuji has spent years of his life in training to master various extreme warfare & fighting styles and has built his reputation. He is respectfully addressed as GrandMaster Shifuji, rightfully so because he does not keep his experience and teachings to himself. Despite his credentials, he calls himself a simple common Bhartiya and nothing else. His action speaks louder than his voice in showing us how he is a true son of the motherland a great Grandmaster. Shifuji is distinctive in his ability and his mission to aid the women of India in self-esteem, protection & survival and self-confidence.

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