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“सबसे पहले एक सामान्य भारतीय”

Some great words given my a Nationalist for his patriotism towards the country.


Grandmaster Shifujis proudly tells that “He is just a normal Indian citizen" “सबसे पहले एक सामान्य भारतीय” but his unmatchable feasts in his life will smite your mind like nothing else. You need to hold some breath before you go through his exclusive programs. He is a Freelance Commandos Mentor, A Vocal Promoter of Indian Traditional Art forms, Akhada and Desi Culture. Founder of Mission Prahar and Mission Military Training, Kallaripayattu Guruswamy, Verm and Marma Expert, Bollywood Action Designer & Action Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Inventor of urban SRTs Grandmaster & Inventor of MTTI System, Customized CQC, CCQB, SRT’s Expert, Special Mentor for Urban C.I. & CT.


Now let’s enlist his programs whose ultimate goal is to make us self-disciplined and create awareness that will lead us to become ferocious and fearless!




Shifuji Mitti system commando training

Under this program, he will acknowledge you all about the self-defense along with the tactics which are learned by the trained commando who serve our country ferociously and fearlessly.


Shifuji's desi Martial Art for Civil Service Officers

Along with the army, IAS, IPS, and IRS are the pillars of our nation.  In this training program he teaches Civil officers an Art called as Fusion Martial Art which makes the core strong.


Law Enforcement training program

In this program, you will be taught how to deal with the police work. Gone are the days when there were some traditional techniques were taught but now you will learn the array of advanced techniques.


Paramilitary Forces training program

This training program will teach you to deal with the point when you think you have given up but you turn the tables around.


Extreme fitness routine program

Grandmaster Shifujis boot camps has been enthralling since it came into existence. When it comes to fitness you should not compromise with it as it acts as a spinal cord to your existence.


Shifuji's Modern Kalaripayattu

If we talk about Kalaripayattu, it’s an oldest martial arts and fighting system. With its old heritage, when we give a touch of modernity it enhances sits effect exponentially. 

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