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(Swadeshi Customized System of Situation Reaction Tactics)

Each part of the world has a certain kind of martial arts to boast as its own. Much to the pride of Indians, we have many. India is the land of diversity and we can see this reflected in the different forms of martial arts that developed in all parts of the Indian subcontinent. Once a land of warriors, each culture in India has its unique form of combat and martial arts. But the Indian context has slowly pushed out its heritage and uniqueness to let foreign forms of martial arts take center stage.

It is painful to watch a country such as India, where the 'mother of all martial arts', the Kalaripayattu (Wiki) form originated, and where each culture has a unique form of its own, push back its rich traditions to give way for foreign ones. Forms such as Chinese Kung Fu and Japanese Karate receive undue attention and are widely pursued by the masses. But it is to be noted that most of the training imparted in this name is not very effective in street fight scenario and are mostly commercial in nature. Marketing them as the best has stolen the credit due to the superior forms of martial arts of India.

Bringing the spotlight back to the Indian culture traditional art forms & Indian forms of martial arts that have been sidelined or restricted to closed communities, Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj has developed MITTI Training System, a highly lethal form of martial arts that can be proudly called Indian at heart. It is the First Swadeshi Customised Close Quarter Battle, Customised Close Quarter Combat For Urban Warfare based on the Situation Reaction Tactics SRTs in the Counter Insurgency and Counter-Terrorism ops.

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