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“एक देशभक्त ,एक स्वाभिमानी भारतीय और भारत माँ का सामान्य सा बेटा”

GrandMaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj - C

India has been the source of some of the best warriors the world has seen and one such modern-day warrior-trainer is the Legendary Great Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj. A man of extreme martial art talent and an eminent personality in those circles, Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj is a force to reckon with. He has achieved many titles to his credit from his relentless service to his nation. A proud Indian to the core, he is a strict and staunch patriot; he has worked as Freelance Commandos Mentor, Commando Trainer, Inventor of MITTI World’s First Swadeshi Customised Close Quarter Battle System, Founder of Mission Prahar, Mission Meri Mitti, Mission Prachand Bharat, Mission Shahadat Samman, Mission Compulsory Military Training & A Bollywood action Guru, GrandMaster, Master Ji. He is respectfully called by his students and peers as Legendary Master Shifuji Sahab or Master Shifuji Maharaj. He sports a 1970s styled moustache, and aviator glasses, and looking every inch a revolutionary, with an aura of pride about him. All these qualities and titles to his credit, he is surprisingly down to earth and humble. A small chitchat with this eminent person is enough to make one realise his high morals, humble & polite demeanour,  and love for the nation.

Grandmaster Shifuji is a true patriot and deeply respected by his peers. He has earned the respect of the country with his contributions and hard work aimed at the upliftment of the people. He can be seen sporting a maroon beret and uniform, giving him the look of a true soldier. However, unfortunately, this has been used against him by certain groups who wanted to discredit his hard work. Master Shifuji was accused of allegedly misusing the insignia of the Indian Army. Despite his unrelenting service for the betterment of the people, he was interrogated and came out clean from his accusations. His innocence and good intentions were brought to light as he was given a clean chit by the concerned authorities, as the insignia Masterji sported on his beret was his own trademarked logo and not one of the Indian Army. Despite these controversies surrounding him, Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj has kept on doing his duty towards his nation. 

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj works under the freelance job titles including Commandos Mentor, Commando Trainer', ‘Chief Action Designer', ‘Action Choreographer', ‘Motivational Speaker' CCQB, CCQC Urban Warfare Expert, and lastly, Actor. He has also taken the internet to his advantage to give his teachings more reach. His YouTube channel has more than 1 million subscribers, where he mentors and performs aggressive stunts.
Master Shifuji has also worked as the action designer and consultant of various films including the latest blockbuster movie Bhaagi 1 & 2. He also played the role of Guruswamy and Colonel Walia in the movie Bhaagi 2. The young actor and protagonist of the movie Tiger Shroff is a student of Master Shifuji in real life.

Master Shifuji was born to Pehalwaan and ustaad of the Kushti Akhara and his mother who provided free education to the poor and needy for almost 45 years. Coming from a military armed forces family, master Shifuji was influenced by the armed forces lifestyle. He received rigorous training in Khusti from a tender age of 2. He also acquired expertise in swimming and various forms of lethal martial arts. Master Shifuji is also accomplished in Kalaripayattu, a lethal form of martial arts from south India. He received training from eminent masters from Ernakulam in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. His high moral values is a reflection of the traditional education he received from the Gurukul system.

Proving himself to be more than a martial arts expert, Shifuji is also well versed in various languages. His linguistic abilities include expertise in Sanskrit, Punjabi, Hindi, Haryanvi, Marathi, Bengali, English, Hebrew, Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Tamil, and  Russian!
Masterji has established himself a long and successful career in mentoring commandos and elite forces. His deep knowledge of various deadly killing skills, fighting styles, gurukul hath yog, and knowledge of supreme control has made him a sought out teacher. Almost two generation of Bollywood action industry has benefitted from his knowledge and expertise.


Shifuji has selflessly carried out several free of cost youth empowerment programs to empower the women of rural India. After being peeved by the numerous rape cases, Shifuji took it upon himself to bring reality-based anti-rape tactics & extreme street survival protection skills to women. His view on assault against women is different. In fact, he asks "People blame present or past Government, Police and Law but how many blame themselves for not making self-protection and survival tactics training,  self-defence training compulsory in India?" Through his ideas, he has trained over 39 lakh women in Mission Prahar, unique anti-rape tactics & anti-in-house assault programme. He founded Mission Prahar nineteen years ago to impart reality-based survival self-defence tactics. It was to educate women on self-protection, self-awareness and therefore self-defence & self-protection methods. These techniques are not only restricted to hand-to-hand protection but are inclusive in the use of accessories such as pens, hair-clips, ATM and ID Cards and basically anything that can be found in their handbags or surroundings. To know more Click  Here...

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