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The First Ever Indian Citizen to be Featuring on the Front Page of LONTON-TV"

the First Ever Indian Citizen to be in our Global Influential Personalities and Global Celebrity Section. It is indeed Great to interview “The Deadliest Man Alive In the World” “The World’s Best Commandos Mentor” A Legendary Patriot Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhrdwaj

Date- 21/01/2021 | London-TV | by Dan Bryans - Editor

Grand Master Shifuji: “NOT”A Fake soldier but “A LEGENDARY PATRIOT” EXPOSING the planned PROPAGANDA against this selfless warrior Mentor. He is acknowledged as the “World’s Best Commandos Mentor” and World’s Best Commando Trainer.

"Grandmaster Shifuji becomes the World’s Youngest Inventor of the Most modern counter-terrorism system. Let’s make detailed Digital, Legal Analysis, Present Status of Mumbai Police F.I.R./Complaint (Complaint no 69954) and Dozens of Complaints made in Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Indian Home Affairs against Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj. "

January 21, 2021Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj has always been in the news mainly for his bold Nationalists, Straight presumptuous APOLITICAL remarks. He is known to spread Staunch Patriotism through his videos and mass public speeches. He is respected and regarded worldwide by the Experts and Legends of Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency but why is he being defamed in India. His news coverages and controversy are back again in the market from the first day of the Year 2021. It became a matter of research, observation, and detailed Analysis for our team. Grand Master Shifuji is continuously viral, trolled, and hated online with many Harsh comments, sometimes baseless with online violence.

(Registered Trade Mark of Commandos Mitti System of Grandmaster Shifuji’s Mitti System, Registered under TradeMark Act 1999).

Question – Has Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj ever claimed to be an Army officer, Armed Forces Personnel, A Special Forces Commando, A war hero, Army Veteran or any similar claim?

  • Answer- The most detailed research, Analysis and digital scrutiny of past 22 year records confirm that Grandmaster Shifuji hasNEVER stated that he is an army officer, nor has he claimed to be recruited or held any post in the armed forces or special forces. There is no single evidence online and offline to establish this Fake Allegation of proving him fake and fraud. His followers and critics alike, have attributed him to be an army officer. However, he has always declared that he has provided his MITTI System‘s mentoring services to the Elite Special Forces, Indian armed forces, para-military forces, state police, and enforcement agencies. He has provided his completely “Free of Cost” mentoring services, trained many specialised military units in his long career as a freelance commandos mentor, freelance commando trainer, and is instrumental in developing customised close armed combat and requirements based strategic training programs for both the Armed forces and state-level forces.

“Grandmaster Shifuji arriving at an Event of MISSION MERI MITTI” – Verified Twitter Account – Http://

Is Shifuji a Fake, Fraud? Is Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Fake, Fraud or A genuine commandos Mentor and a true Nationalist?

Allegations Vs. Reality as per closure reports-

  • He is regularly accused of donning a military dress, along with a maroon beret, Marcos badge and balidan insignia, often addressed as an army officer by his fans and critics alike, his credentials as a freelance trainer and freelance commandos mentor to the special forces and armed forces have been questioned. Few communists and Leftist led media houses and a few suspected anti-national elements question his patriotism and even have the guts to ask him about his contribution to youth, women empowerment, and the Nation.

What is the issue of Grandmaster Shifuji’s so blamed fake military uniform?

  • Master Shifuji wears clothes like any other private Tactical Combat professional indirectly serving the armed forces, keep discipline and extreme fitness robustness, and makes fashion sense; these are part of his profession as a freelance commandos mentor. He is accused of wearing a maroon beret, donning a Marcos and a Balidan Badge. The beret and the badge are synonymous to ranks and acknowledgement of exemplary service towards the Nation. Also, as per India’s laws, it is not prohibited by any law that a mentor, trainer while conducting a training session cannot wear combat, stylish camouflaged pants and beret of any colour. Attire worn by Shifuji is entirely out of his choice and discipline. As per detailed research, Grandmaster Shifuji wears his trademarked emblems on his maroon beret registered a decade ago under Trademarks act 1999. Grandmaster Shifuji has a copyrighted clothing style that combines the most stylish customised marine seals pattern of cargos and branded Tshirts with revolutionaries’ faces embossed. Premium marines pattern customised boots; his glasses reserved brand “Jai Hind Bro by master shifuji”.

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Being Felicitated by the General and officers of Division of The Indian Army (can zoom to read the bottom of memento)

The Final Investigation revealed that Shifuji’s maroon beret is designed similar to the elite forces’ ones. The beret Shifuji wore NO marks of the Indian armed forces, Indian special forces or the Indian government. Stating further, he is accused of wearing the Balidan Badge, which is awarded to a rare few. It’s not true! Be noted that the badge worn by Shifuji, is a pattern akin to badges of military ranks and combatants in another part of the world (not in India), and available online for everyone, this badge is worn without any restraint. He wore it printed on a camouflage t-shirt that is not a print of Indian armed forces nor does it contain any Indian Special Forces mark. The badge worn by Shifuji alleged to be the MARCOS badge. Still, He never worn in complete military, Indian Navy attire or even the jacket worn by Shifuji bore a cutout sticker of legendary revolutionary Martyr Bhagat Singh, which is not a protocol the Indian Armed Forces


Is Shifuji a threat to Nation, or He has become a threat to Every Anti Nationalist and Traitor within India?

Why has this controversy arisen again?

  1. Is because of these kinds of Articles from a few Indian media houses, news portals?

  2. Have they purposely titled these articles so catchy to bring this man down? Or Were they required to expose him?

  3. Please read them carefully to decide; Tittles were Such as

    1. I.R. Registered Against Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj.

    2. The Army Headquarters will check the Credibility of Fake Soldier Grandmaster Shifuji.

A chief trainer Shifuji is a Military Imposter,

  1. How Fraud Shifuji duped Indians into thinking he is an Army man

  2. T.I. responses from Ministry of defence Exposes Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj.

  3. Fake soldier Shifuji fools innocent emotional Indians. With Hashtags and tittle tags like Shifu Ji is A Fake, Fake Fraud Soldier; Grandmaster Shifuji is Fraud, Shifuji Exposed, Grandmaster Shifuji A Fake Soldier who fooled many.

(Closure reports of complaint no 69954 from Mumbai police and Closure reports of Ministry of defence both are in favour of Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj)

Analysis- The content written in these articles are Questionable and seems one-sided at first legal Analysis. Most of these articles, mentioned above, contained the material and information sought by following Sources-

1- First- A Single R.T.I. reply from Indian NAVY (NO reply from Indian Air Force and Indian Army).

Analysis and unknown truth of concern-

  1. Why did complainants NOT disclose R.T.I. replies of The Indian Air Force and Army as well?

  2. The sources mention that Grandmaster Shifuji’s Legal team is challenging the response of the India Navy because that reveals the information related to training, which is covered under section 8 of the RTI ACT 2005 and restrict to maintain the confidentiality of Special Forces Training Modules and every information.

Suspense- Was R.T.I. reply furnished to the applicant against the L.A.W.? Was this information part of the National Security Act,1980 and Official Secrets Act,1923? Will the court pass the judgement against the officer in charge?

R.T.I. Expert’s Opinion: Particular R.T.I. answered on misleading baseless questions about Grandmaster Shifuji with Indian Navy. In 99.9% cases, any such R.T.I. is denied under section 8 of the R.T.I. act.

(PhD certificate of Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj, Terrorism and Counter Insurgency, Urban Armed Combat)

2- SecondBased on a girl and her friend’s written Complaint to the Indian Army Senior Officials or (PRO) at Delhi Headquarters in the Year 2016-17.

Claim Source Article of an Indian news portal- Dated- Tuesday, May 9, 2017. The news article This girl and her friend (male) lodged complainant against Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj.

Analysis and unknown truth of concern-

  1. Can every Indian individual girl and boy get the appointment of Senior officials of the Indian Army so quickly? If Yes, we shall need an appointment too for an interview in the same regards. If No, Who arranged the meeting and on what grounds these youngsters received attention and grant.

Suspense- 1- Why were these two complainants so concerned about the TRAINING details of Indian Special Forces and freelance assistance providers of Indian Armed Forces?

2- Why all this training related investigation after URI Attack, especially when Grandmaster Shifuji took on the Traitors gangs and Left-wing extremists in his most viral videos.

Undisclosed Unknown Facts about Complainants-

  1. The same complainant against Grandmaster Shifuji, The Lady Biker is BANNED now, based on MILITARY INTELLIGENCE Letter written to all seven commands Dated May 7 2018.

Information source –Article published in the Indian Express Dated- May, 19,2018. Article Titled-Military Intel Issues alert on Gujrat student.

  1. Multiple YouTube videos exposed to the male complainant against Grandmaster Shifuji,

  2. The complainant also got exposedto spread misinformation.

  3. He was suspected of Liquor consumption in a Banned Liquor state,

  4. Misleading through social media,

  5. He was hiding the Factsof Closure reports submitted against his Complaint in2016 Itself by the Mumbai Police.

  6. He never sharedthe facts and replies of Closure reports from the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Home Affairs.

  7. He planted other complainants and made a similar FAKE complainantto JV Marg Police station, Mumbai after the complete closure from Mumbai Police.

  8. He nevershared the Status of Complaint no 69954 Lodged by him in Oct-Nov of 2016.

3- ThreeBased on Individual’s complaint letter to the Police Commissioner of Mumbai, Maharashtra, dated- 13/12/2016 by A Letter from UP.

Claim Source- This Person circulated a complaint letter on social media in December 2016.

Suspense- 1. Why did this person write a special direct letter to Commissioner of Mumbai Police only against master Shifuji?

  1. How many letters did he write against other famous trainers who are posting classified training photos and videos online and charges Millions of Rupees from Armed Forces; Nothing else seems circulated by him?

  2. Why Did the same person never bothered for the Fundamental guaranteed Right to Privacy and security concern of Master Shifuji’s family?

  3. Why did he circulate letter with mentioning the residential address of Grandmaster Shifuji on the complaint letter?

5.Why was only shifuji shaurya Bhardwaj became a national threat for this person and not the topmost criminals of India and most wanted terrorist.

  1. Why did this Individual never share the reply and CLOSURE report of Mumbai Police, which was sent after a detailed enquiry against Grandmaster Shifuji? Why did not He inform the public about the Clean Chit given to Grandmaster Shifuji?

Analysis and unknown truth of concern and

Undisclosed Unknown Facts about COMPLAINANT?

This same person is a SAMAJWADI PARTY member, fought election from Samajwadi Party and Lost Election Badly.

  1. This self-claimed weasel blower wrote a Letter On the Letterhead of some G.O. Federation. (NOT AN F.I.R.).

  2. Not at the official capacity as a serving Army officer.

  3. Not authorised and assigned by ARMY for Complaint against Grandmaster Shifuji.

  4. He wrote a letter as a Civilian mentioned himself as the PRESIDENT of an N.G.O.

  5. Letter addresses his rank and name without mentioning important information, whether he is retired or serving officer of the Army.

  6. The word Retd not mentioned after his name is mandatory under specific laws.

  7. The Emblem printed on his letterhead, itself is against the Indian National Emblem Act, and his N.G.O.’s Logo Impersonates the Emblem of National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla. Pune.

  8. There is NO registration no of the N.G.O., which is mandatory to mention as per Indian Law.

  9. He wrote this complaint letter on December 13, 2016, but as per official records, the Complaint 69954 closed on the 12/08/16 (as mentioned in the closure report by Mumbai Police). What should one understand from this?

  10. Why was the letter circulated on social media, when It was already in the public domain that Complaint is disposed and do not Merit an F.I.R.?

  11. Was this conduct expected from a responsible citizen? Did the complainant create this propaganda for his political gain? We did not find any Verified account of this Individual. Now, what should he be called?

  12. Last point for so-called weasel blower individual. Why This this Individual using his writing pad of ex-servicemen, while addressing his so-called Complaint. Suppose, This Individual has any proof, why he has not presented himself before enquiry. In this country, everyone has an obligation and rightto give his assistance in Nation-building. Indian Armed Forces are not someone’s private It is Off and for whole Nation and its Citizen. Grandmaster Shifuji also has rights to assist them, irrespective of the case as to whether he is asked on invitation or he wishes to. Why is it bothering people? The problem is only for those who were earning money on workshop in the garb of training and felt threatened as it was being provided “free of cost” by Grandmaster Shifuji, So How to stop and effect that effort false propaganda. Since some politician executive and opportunist were waiting, the best plan for them was to defame him. The better way was through Army personnel. And to execute their plan, they initially tried to show everyone that he is ex-Army personnel and then declared him fake and took his get up as an advantage. Shifuji has a massive fan following, and this fake Complaint shared to defame him. None has any proof for such nuisance but as you know our Social media. Once it began, people started the following thread. However, Grandmaster Shifuji has never given heed to such trolls. It is also true that these chaps were calling to places wherever he was on a visit to defame. As per Grandmaster Shifuji’s reaction, He neither seem to bothers nor will in future.

Let’s understand the meaning of words, Fake and Fraud.

Fake means- A thing that is not genuine; a forgery or sham” Answer– Grandmaster Shifuji is a complete genuine Freelance Commandos Mentor and Not fake, Not a single evidence of an unlawful and Illegal act found in this most detailed investigation.

Fraud means – Wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.”

Proof of Claims regarding Logo Registration, Logo Trademarks of Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj.


Proof of Claims regarding Logo Registration, Logo Trademarks of Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj.

Answer: Approximately 50 complaints lodges against Grandmaster Shifuji in 2016-17 and all have been disposed of after the most professional detailed enquiries by state crime branches and central investigating agencies.

The reality of F.I.R. by A Retired Army officer- Q- How many Complaints and F.I.R. registered against Grandmaster Shifuji since 2015-16? What is Present status of Complaints, F.I.R.s against Master Shifuji?

1- One Direct Complaint to Mumbai Police Commissioner October – December 2016 –

Present Status: Closed on the 12/08/2016. An Official reply sent to the complainant which he NEVER shared to all of us and misled everyone.

2- Two Complaints to Crime Branch of Ahmedabad.

Present Status: Complaint Closed within 30 days after detailed Investigation by Gujrat Police Crime Branch.

3- 17 complaints to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Present Status: CLOSED, A detailed enquiry took place. According to reliable sources top most investigation agencies Examined and submitted a satisfactory report praising Grandmaster Shifuji.

4- 20-25 Complaints to the Ministry of Defence.

ALL CLOSED, or else Shifuji would have been arrested in 4 years. All complaints Closed after Investigation. All Proofs are attached here-

What is The Actual Reality of Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj?

(Colonel Sharon Gat, IDF Veteran, Serving Colonel of Israeli Special Forces, and Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj. Location-Israel.)

Answer: The Journalist at this portal believes in Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj’s Integrity. He is one of the most significant Freelance Commandos Mentor in the world of Counter-Insurgency, Counter-Terrorism and Urban Armed combat. As per the acknowledgements and searches reports He is considered the “World’s Best Commandos Mentor” and “World’s Best Commando Trainer”.

It is left to your wisdom to decide who is right in this matter. Would you want to believe in this EXPOSED Propaganda of these so-called News Portals, making money out of this controversy with all misleading old articles against Master Shifuji?


Would you believe at the Investigating agencies and authorities like Crimes Branches of State Police, Investigating Agencies of Central Government and Military Intelligence Agencies?

Image- Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj, Colonel Sharon Gat, Major Eitan Cohan. Location- Somewhere in Israel.

(Graduation certification course certificate of Israel, Counter Terrorism, Counter Insurgency, Urban Combat, For Grandmaster Shifuji )

( Image- Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj, Inventor of Mitti System, Founder of Mission Prahar, Mission Prachand Bharat, Sass9, Mission Meri Mitti, Mission Jai Hind Bro )

( Image- Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj, Inventor of Mitti System, Founder- Mission Prahar, Mission Prachand Bharat, Sass9, Mission Meri Mitti, Mission Jai Hind Bro )

Grandmaster Shifuji’s recent project is Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya Company to provide a 50Million (5 crores) Employment-based employable skills training program to Police verified Indian Youth. His other notable missions are Mission Shifuji’s Sanatan Vedik Military School, Mission Meri Mitti, Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya, Mission Compulsory Military Training, Mission Muzaffarabad, Mission Shahadat Samman, Mission Jai Hind Bro, Mission Bharat Math, Mission Vedic Military School, and Mission Mitti Boot Camp.

Disclaimer: The Editorial team of this portal takes the entire legal responsibility of this article. Team declares to have verified every detail, claim, RTI, Statements, Official documentation related to Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj’s controversy.

Conclusion: The FAKE ALLIGATIONS against Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj was pre-planned propaganda. As of 21st January 2021, every complaint has been disposed of by three five-six states Crime Branches, Investigating Indian central agencies, Indian Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Indian Home Affairs. It is legally proven that Grandmaster Shifuji is Indeed a “Freelance Commandos Mentor “ mentoring Special Forces, Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces “Free of Cost” since the Year 1998. He is the Topmost Commandos Mentor globally and Inventor of Most Modern Counter-Terrorism System, A proud Indian, A True patriot and silently running many Missions selflessly for Indian youth, women, and his motherland for Free of Cost.

“World’s Best Commandos Mentor, Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj, becomes the World’s Youngest Inventor of the Most Modern Counter-Terrorism System. An Unsung Warrior Mentor from India”.

“THE DEADLIEST MAN ALIVE IN THE WORLD “Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj, A Master on numerous missions for his motherland with The SUPREME Knowledge of customised Counter-Terrorism and Urban Warfare Mitti System”.

Date- 21ST January 2021) Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj (48yrs), is the Founder of “Mission Prahar”, founded on the 17/09/1999 to educate, train and empower the Indian women community with his own Invented Mission Prahar Training System derived from Mitti Martial Art’s extreme self-defence survival tactics across rural India. He has trained more than 4 million (40 lakh) women free of cost. Grandmaster Shifuji is the Inventor of the world’s most advanced specialised Counter-Insurgency, Counter-Terrorism, Armed Urban Warfare Training curriculum “MITTI SYSTEM”. This system is considered the most modern unconventional customisation based program for the Elite Special Forces and Specialised Operations Units. Mitti System is a completely Free of Cost mentoring services program exclusively for the Indian Armed forces and Indian Paramilitary Forces. Grandmaster Shifuji is popularly known as Legendary Grandmaster, Legendary Master Jee, Acknowledged As “The World’s Best Commandos Mentor” is a pioneer in the Elite Commandos mentoring and extreme fitness Mitti boot camps industry.

Grandmaster Shifuji is the only foreign citizen and first-ever Indian citizen to have completed the graduation certification course and PhD certification course from ISRAEL in the most lethal counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, and wholly equipped urban combat. He is also the topmost celebrity life coach, an actor, action choreographer, freelance commandos mentor and chief action designer.

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj has a vast following that believes in the Indian Armed Forces and apolitical patriotism. Patriots, specifically respect him because of his Bold attitude, Extreme Fitness and Yes Because He NEVER shares anything online related to his Freelance Commandos Training, Commandos Mentoring services for his branding purpose. Unquestionably, Grandmaster Shifuji is one of the World’s Top 2 Living Legends, The Deadliest and The most professional Commandos Mentors in the Field of Deadliest Armed Counter-Terrorism & Lethal Counter-Insurgency. The other one is the Founder & CEO of Caliber 3, A serving Colonel Sharon Gat from Israel. He is an IDF Veteran,senior chief instructor of Israeli Special Forces and IDF.

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj started Mission Prahar to train the rural women community in the specialised designed training system known as “Master Shifuji’s Mission Prahar Training System.” Mission prahar endeavours to build character, courage, and increase confidence in a woman and train her sufficiently to confront any nature of the assault against her dignity and self-esteem. Mission Prahar Training program uses a robust reality-based techniques process that makes a woman defend herself in any unforeseen situation. Some methods incorporate extreme survival self-defense techniques through accessories like Pen, Hair-Clips, Books, Nail Cutters, ATM, ID cards, Jooda Stick, Cell Phone, and Handbags. Mission Prahar steered by Grandmaster Shifuji (Managing Trustee) of Shifuji’s Mission Prahar Education and Training Trust with Trustee Mr Purushothma Sampangi (An IT and IT Cyber Security Veteran) and Swarnim Aarti Shaurya Bhardwaj.

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj’s other notable missions are Mission Meri Mitti, Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya, Mission Compulsory Military Training, Mission Muzaffarabad, Mission Shahadat Samman, Mission Jai Hind Bro, Mission Bharat Math, Mission Vedic Military School, Mission Mitti Boot Camp. Master Shifuji’s Mitti System and Israeli’s Counter-Terrorism training buddy is Major Eitan Cohan, A Snr Most Commando Instructor of Israeli Special Forces and IDF.

(Closure reports of complaint no 69954 from Mumbai police and Closure reports of Ministry of defence both are in favour of Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj)

Master Shifuji is well known for his solution maker Image, who always provides the most realistic solutions rather than crying on the Problems. He quotes that the rape number can quickly reduce if reality-based Survival Tactics and raw street fight based protection skills is made compulsory for all the girls across Schools and Colleges in India. “People generally accuse the Government, Law and Police but how many wishes to do anything for their motherland (Bharat Maa)”.

Grand master Shifuji is well known for being the Mentor, Life Coach and Master of Action Superstar Tiger Shroff, Ahan Suniel Shetty and Subhan Khan Sajid Nadiadwala. As an action consultant and action designer, He has mentored and worked with Warda Khan Nadiadwala (Producer), Itzik Cohan (Israeli Filmmaker, Producer), Galit Giat (Israel), Maayan Refaeli (Israel), Ajay Devgan, Karim Cohen (Israel), John Abraham, Krishika Lulla (Producer), Bat-El Musawi (Israel), Shraddha Kapoor, Shantanu Yadav, Vidyut Jamwal, Javed Jaffrey, Nora Fatehi, Lisa Ray, Nissim Garamech (Israel), Sudheer Babu, Varinder Singh Ghuman. As a Mitti Martial arts, MITTI HINIT Coach Mentor he has trained prominent personalities like Itzik cohen Israeli Veteran Actor, Filmmaker and Producer (well known for his Character in FAUDA as Captain Gabi Ayub), Kajol Devgan, Rohit Shetty, Athiya Shetty, Raghuveer Hansraj Ahir, Amit Thackeray, Vaishnav Shetty, Lamha Mehra, Sarika Shetty (Vice President BMW), Nysa Devgan, Sufyan Nadiadwala, Aaran Chaudhary, Aniruddh Pratap Singh (muscle factory), Abhinav Shukla, Ali Quli Mirza, Aadil Chahal, Rudra Barot, Dr Raksha Tiwari, Arnav Lulla, Mantra Barot, Raja Tiwari, Mayra Jasani, Laddu Yadav, Shiv Jasani, Deeksha Shaurya Bhardwaj, Aryaki Sekera, Prashant Saindane, Aman Inu Tiwari, Pal Mehra, Rajveer Pratap Shaurya Bhardwaj, Harsh Cheenu Tiwari, Atiksha Bhardwaj, Krishna Murti Tiwari.


Master Shifuji’s recent big project is Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya company. Mission Prachand Bharat Aims to provide a 50 Million Employment-based employable skills training program to Police verified Indian Youth.

Grandmaster Shifuji’s recent project is Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya Company to provide a 50 Million (5 crores) Employment-based employable skills training program to Police verified Indian Youth. His other notable missions are Mission Meri Mitti, Mission Prachand Bharat Shaurya, Mission Compulsory Military Training, Mission Muzaffarabad, Mission Shahadat Samman, Mission Jai Hind Bro, Mission Bharat Math, Mission Vedic Military School, and Mission Mitti Boot Camp.

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