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14th February 2019 – The Heinous Pulwama Attack

The Pulwama attack has left all of us in a state-of-shock, sorrow and the raging outbursts are seen across the country. Here’s Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj lashing out fire and seeking answers to questions which have gone unanswered!

On 14 February 2019, the nation witnessed the worst ever militant attack in over 2 decades which has left us everyone in a state of shock and anger. A convoy of 78 vehicles transporting more than 2,500 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel from Jammu to Srinagar was traveling on National Highway 44. The convoy had left Jammu around 3:32 IST. Usually, it is a convoy of 1000 soldiers, however, on this day a large number of personnel's were deputed in the vehicles as two days prior to the heinous Pulwama attack the highway was shut down.

This deadliest attack witnessed in 2 decades of Kashmir’s insurgency has hit the ‘NO TOLERANCE’ cord of every Indian. There is no denial about respecting the Indian constitution and the fundamentals it has laid down. The feeling right now has crossed the borders of rage or exasperation and I feel that the ones playing such hideous crimes should be ripped apart in between. It’s high time, we all wake up as true citizens of India and give a vehement reply to this heinous act of terrorism.

To-date, we have been only talking and condemning about any unfortunate incidents that occur. And to everyone’s dismay, the aftermath is forgotten as if it was a Valentine celebration. No objection towards these celebrations and one should certainly celebrate happiness. But remember, there is no bigger valentine than our country and the patriotism fever cannot rise only on 15th August and 26th January!!

Let’s get back to the incident and try finding answers to some questions.

We lost 40 CRPF jawans and many more continue to battle for their lives. A convoy of 2500 CRPF personnel’s were commuting from Jammu to Srinagar. They were about to get deputed for the safety of Kashmiris’ when a Scorpio loaded with more than 350 kilograms of explosives and IED rammed into one of the buses -- carrying 35-40 soldiers, and the next is a tragedy we all will never forget!

What are we doing about it? Everyone spoke a lot about it, condemned the act, and paid tribute to the 40 martyr Jawans who lost their life. But we still are far away from the real concern! The incident took place at Awantipura, which is a sector in Pulwama district, and which is considered to be the safest route for the army. How did the Scorpio reach there? What sought of breach happened internally, so that the car could find an entry in a restricted area?

The biggest threat to us today is that we are still avoiding from finding the root cause of this incident. Surprisingly nobody wants to talk about it today? We get to hear a lot about how we shall be addressing and replying back to this situation. But this is not a situation that has come abruptly! It is a well-planned conspiracy and no one is interested in finding the whereabouts and how it paved its way all to the safest root of the army! Why???

Umpteen times I have shared videos to help the Kashmiris’ understand the gravity of terrorist attacks and not get influenced by them. Under the name of religion, the Islamis and Jihadis are spreading terror and think they can get away with this impotency?? How can any religion think and act in an extremely non-humanitarian way? Killing innocent people, when it is not even a war-zone reflects nothing but their impotency!

A couple of other questions which has gone under the covers still remain a mys