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A Step Ahead to Fight Terrorism - UAPA

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj elaborates upon the recent amendment to the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) and gives us a comprehensive view of its implications.

About Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Sir-

A true patriot at heart, Grandmaster Shifuji is an advocate of all causes that further the goal of developing India – whether its India’s traditional art forms or India’s strong soldiers. He is proficient in world's oldest and mother of all MARTIAL ARTS Kalaripayattu as a Gurukkal and is a freelance commandos mentor. Grandmaster Shifuji has Invented and launched various training programs such as Mission Prahar, Mission Meri Mitti, and Mission Prachand Bharat. He is also known for his greatest invention and revolution in commandos Mentoring by inventing Mitti System exclusively for indian armed forces and elite sexual forces as free of cost.

The UAPA and its implications -

With the goal of protecting the country from the harm of terrorism, the Parliament has passed certain amendments to the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). The bill has been passed to strengthen India’s internal security systems, aligning them to those of several other countries. These amendments have been passed with a view to bring about further security in the country. An important aspect within the ambit of this act includes seizure of properties and assets under terror organizations and outfits. This measure will prove to be highly beneficial since terror organizations once outlawed, used to disintegrate, only to emerge with another outfit structure and name.

However, several concerns over this new amendment have been raised. The most important is the procedure of tagging an individual as a terrorist, as opposed to an organization, or a group. This has been thought to be harmful as this provision can be misused, and consequently that wrongful accusations can take place. However, certain measures have been set in place to ensure that such individuals get appropriate opportunities to make appeals to go for trials. Divisive minded elements of the society divide work by dividing the country within the lines of religion, and pit one community against another. The hope from this amendment will be that this division does not develop further as unity amongst all Indians is the ultimate goal in order to combat terrorism.

What the UAPA implies for Indian citizens -

While the government strengthens its own security machinery, it is important that citizens perform their duties of being responsible. It is advisable to be mindful of forwards we receive on WhatsApp and other social media websites, as they could be false and can potentially provoke panic amongst the public. Social media is a power in itself and citizens must use this power in this fight to end terrorism in India.

One thing that the youth of India must consider is that our country has suffered due to divisive politics, from colonizers as well as our own rulers. As citizens we must be aware that our country is still vulnerable to such forces, not just from outside our borders, but within our own too. These amendments to the UAPA are not mere points in a development agenda, all these measures taken towards fighting terrorism are paying homage to the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. As Grandmaster Shifuji says himself, the freedom we have achieved because of these fighters and soldiers is not a matter of a day, we are living this freedom every day.

This truth must reflect in our actions we take for our country, as Indians. UAPA is simply not a matter of its pros and cons, it is also a matter of our responsibility towards our country, its soldiers and its farmers and the Shaheed freedom fighters. Their sacrifices are what makes our proud and free Indians for which we shall always be indebted towards them. The UAPA thus is a wakeup call – for terrorists against our country, and us, who will protect our country against all threats. It is a wake-up call for terrorists and other such elements to be wary of harming India, a country that is now better prepared to take them on. It is a wakeup call for Indians to realize that their country and its soldiers are stronger than ever before, and so should we.

So, it is now our duty not ask how the country can serve us, but ask how we can we strengthen the country better. This is because the laws of a country mean nothing, if they are not respected and adhered to by its citizens. Such laws call upon us to be aware of our own surroundings. We must also be aware of the ideas that influence the Indian masses at large and examine whether these help us further India’s development. With that in mind, we must realize that pandering to political “wings” is not what takes the country ahead, but a patriotic feeling towards it definitely will.

As odds stack high against us day by day, it is measures such as these that should inform and guide our lives towards making our country better and safer for all. We have ample inspiration from our history through our freedom fighters. It is now time to draw inspiration from the present, from our soldiers. We must lean from our soldiers how to serve our country with fierce passion. Not all of us may be able to stand at the border like our soldiers do. But all of us can surely share the same spirit that these soldiers hold within themselves. All of us can do and contribute in any way that we can in our only shared patriotic goal. Actions we take as citizens of India, help our Indian soldiers in many ways. One of the most important way is to maintain and foster a higher respect for our soldiers in everything we do. And to those who divide us along the lines of caste, class, religion, language, we must fight back reminding them that the only cause we will stand for is that of India, and Indian soldiers. Our religious, cultural identities stand secondary to our identity as Indians. And when we all stand as Indians; nothing can divide us. Our freedom fighters fought all sorts of terrors when there were no provisions and laws to support them. But with all the resources we have now, we as Indians can surely fight back terrorism better.


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