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Be the Change you Want to See

“Ya to Vote Dekar Sahi Insaan Chuno Ya Fir Kal Desh ke Khilaaf Shikayaten Mat Karnaa”.

These are the words that Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj has to say while the Lok Sabha 2019 elections are just around the corner.

Master Shifuji quotes from the page no 124 of Shaheed E Azam's Prison Diary -

The aim of life is no more to control the mind, but to develop it harmoniously; not to achieve salvation here after, but to make the best use of it here below; and not to realise truth, beauty and good only in contemplation, but also in the actual experience of daily life; social progress depends not upon the ennoblement of the few but on the enrichment of democracy; universal brotherhood can be achieved only when there is an equality of opportunity - of opportunity in the social, political and individual life.

Through this blog Master Shifuji makes a strong urge for everyone to take the responsibility of nation as your own family and residence. He quotes the below lines from Shaheed E Azam Bhagat Singh Ji-

‘Zindgi to apne damm par hi jiyi jati hey..dusro k kandhe par tohh shirf janaje uthaye jate hey.’

About Legendary Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj

Master Shifuji is a Freelance Commandos Mentor and founder of Mission Prahar. He is the inventor of MITTI SYSTEM- World’s First Swadeshi Customised Close Quarter Battle System (CCQB), Customised Close Quarter Combat (CCQC), and is a special mentor for Urban Counter Insurgency & Counter Terrorism C.I & C.T., Situation Reaction Tactics - SRTs Specialist. (Master Shifuji has been providing his mentoring Mitti services to the elite forces since 21 years and that’s all FREE OF COST). He is a Vocal promoter of Indian Traditional Art Forms, Akhada, Kushti and Desi Culture. He is a Gurukkal Guru in Kalaripayattu, popularly known as the ‘mother of martial art’ in the world and is a Marma Expert. He is associated as a Bollywood Action Designer & Choreographer, Action consultant and is a Action Mentor, Extreme Fitness Guru to top B-Town celebrities and Mitti Martial Arts Action Mentor for Gen X of action stars. A proud Indian who is driven by the mission and vision of compulsory military training to every verified citizen of India and introduced customized self-defense and anti-rape tactics for every girl and women. He has imparted self-defense training to over 39 lakhs women across the nation ( targets especially in rural India, Free of Cost) and continues doing it relentlessly. He is the Chief Managing Director of Mission Prahar Education Pvt. Ltd. & Founder of Shifuji’s Advanced Security Solutions” (SASS9). He has also founded several missions like Mission Meri Mitti & Mission Prachand Bharat, Mission Shahadat Samman (Martyrs respect), Mission Compulsory Military Training.

The Lok Sabha elections are at the corner, and the most important thing for all of us to do right now is - ‘Get into Action’. Well, what does that actually mean?

Remember one thing friends, that it's we and only we who can bring a change around ourselves. If you are waiting for someone else to do it, then there can be no big fool than yourself!

Change happens and will happen only if we strive to become the changing agent. That’s why our father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi Ji said that - ‘Be the change that you want to see’.

What did he exactly mean? In simple words, he meant, that if you wish to change things around you, you have to get up and act towards it.

Voting is considered as the top-notch right of every citizen of India and you must respect and use the right. I always keep saying that there is nothing bigger than the nation in our lives. And it is only we who can work towards the betterment and upliftment of our country. So I request you all to use this right and vote for the right candidate in your constitution whom you think can drive the change. Again, remember, we are the facilitators, the doers are these leaders whom we elect and give them a chance to serve the society. After being chosen, they are accountable and answerable to all the promises they make and the actions that they perform. And we as the people who elect them have all the right to question them if they fail to live to the promises made.

We are a democratic country and the Constitution of India is the supreme and the fundamentals laid down by it are to be strictly followed and respected. Hence, voting cannot be an option or a day to sit at home and enjoy the holiday. It is the day that gives us an opportunity to bring about a transformation - a change for a good!

With forthcoming elections, we get to hear loads of promises, but not all are met. In that case, what should we do?

A very thought-provoking question that should arise in everyone’s mind. I have a simple solution for you which shall answer this. I personally use it and it helps in not only raising a flag but also helps you maintain and track the progress of the issue raised, not just today but for generations to come.

Social Media - the most helpful and abused platform today. This platform has the potential to create ripples if chartered in the right direction. It's up to us how to make effective use of social media platforms and use them to help the nation grow.

The simplest thing that you can do today, is taking a small clip or a picture of the real and latest shortcomings of your surroundings. Make a list of the promises that were made by your candidate and mark the ones which have not been fulfilled. It can be making provisions for good roads, public facilities, transportation, school, water & electricity availability, or any smallest thing which the leader has promised and not fulfilled. Capture them in your smartphone and upload it on social media. Do not forget to ‘TAG’ the person whom you are pointing out to. Also, tag his/her upline, e.g. if you wish to broadcast the unaccomplished promises. Tag the National President and Chief of the parties whether it’s any party and similar. The intention here is to make everyone in the entire line of control of the hierarchy understand the status of work done vis-a-vis the gap in the promises made. Also, when you tag the person, select the official verified account which is usually ticked marked in blue.

This is the simplest and effective way of solving problems and pushing everyone towards a common goal which is the nation’s progress. Keep no bias against any religion, individual or any party and remember to think only as an Indian than belonging to any state, caste or creed.

We also need to ensure that some basic criteria are met while choosing the right candidature. The person first should be a staunch patriot and keep the country as his first pride and honor the constitution. He should hold immense respect for the Armed Forces working day and night for our safety. He should be educated and understands the value of our rich and diverse heritage. He should be a firm leader to promote women welfare, education, health welfare and hold respect and empathy for the old and unprivileged society members.

Friends, these are very few and basic aspects that every contestant of the election should possess for us to give them a chance to serve the nation.

So, get up and be the changing agents of tomorrow, so that the next generation will also believe in us and become true torch-bearers of the nation

Jai Hind!

जय हिंद, वन्दे मातरम् ,

इंक़लाब ज़िन्दाबाद ,भारत माता की जय। भारत वीर योद्धाओं, क्रांतिकारियों ,वीरांगनाओं, साधू-संत और फ़क़ीरों का देश है ,और हमें इसकी बहुमूल्य धरोहर पर अखंड गर्व है।

Kaun Si Party? Kaise aur Kyon Chune? By GrandMaster Shifuji

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