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Pulwama Attack - The Social Media Stories

In this blog, Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj expresses his concern over the indecorous updates that swarmed upon digital media platform after the Pulwama attack, IAF attack, and rescue of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. While the entire country was hooked up to the updates on Wing Commander Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman return to India, the social media swarmed up with all the spice that it could. Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj is once again concerned and trying to make sense of all the hilarious statements that Pakistan is shooting on social media. Here’s what he has to say-

If you have been watching my video’s on Pulwama attack, you might have again seen me screeching over Pakistan and trying to get them to show the mirror. Today, once again I have questions which have surfaced after the way Pakistan took themselves to the social media.

On 26th Feb, Pakistan’s F16 made an aerial attack move towards Indian Army, however, our MIG 21 countered them in 17 sec and crumbled it down. Now, here let’s take stock of the situation again. First, the Pulwama attack to which we retaliated and targeted only JeM and Lashkar-e-Toiba command centers. Our attacks did not cause any harm to the Pakistan civilians or their armed forces. It was only an act of retaliation towards the Pulwama attack. While we attacked with an intention to wipe off terrorism that actually benefits both the countries, then why did Pakistan send its F16 aiming at Indian army forces?? Are they trying to prove to its countrymen that they are powerful than their neighbouring country! What ego is that?

After 3 days of IAF attack at Balakot, I am baffled to read Pakistan’s reaction and the statements that they are covering up on social media. These guys could be truly insane to cook up incorrect stories about the Balakot attack on social media. Pakistan is trying hard to pretend that it is all hunky-dory as usual at their end, but the fact remains that Pakistan always dwelled on an unethical pitch and still continues to do so.

One thing that I would like to tell my country fellow-men and Pakistan as well, that if the digital media or the social platform starts mushrooming up with false and cooked up stories and events, then let’s understand one thing that it shall soon be doomsday for all of us! Let us not forget that both the countries are nuclear-equipped neighbours and especially in these sensitive days, even the smallest of spark can grow into a stick of huge dynamite. So, I request everyone to be very cautious about the news that is getting viral on WhatsApp and other social platforms. Follow and share only those news which is authenticated and come from trustworthy and authorized sources.

The next thing to roll out is about the Pakistan Wazeer-E-Azam (Prime Minister)- Imran Khan sailing in two boats. He initially talks about retaliating to IAF’s attack, sends F16 to retaliate, and then he feels that mutual talks of peace would be the best solution. What is he actually up to? Then his cabinet Human Rights Minister – Shireen Mazari tweets that after having a meet with the High Commissioner they deeply condone the loss of lives and proposed bilateral talks to address the situation. How inhuman can one be?

Let’s begin with the episodes one-by-one which Pakistan made rounds on the social media.

- The first thing after the IAF attack was General Gafoor tweeting 4 different statements and then deleting them. What on earth makes him do that!!

- General Gafoor kept saying that Indian MIG 21 came and tried bombing in vacant areas of Balakot but miserably failed when our F16 scrambled to retaliate. He also mentioned that there was no human or any kind of infrastructure loss