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The Young Patriot - The onus is on us

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj, the man of steel, standing tall in the harshest of and unthinkable difficult situations, he disregards any threat to his own life from enemies of our nation with malignant intent in their minds, to remain brave, awake and devoted to our citizens and our Motherland. A modern-day warrior-trainer, the Legendary Great Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj is a man who possesses extreme martial art craftsmanship and is a renowned personality in those circles. He has achieved many titles to his credit from his relentless service to his nation. He has worked as Freelance Commandos Mentor, Mentor of Commando Trainers, Inventor of MITTI SYSTEM World’s First Swadeshi Customised Close Quarter Battle System, Founder of Mission Prahar, Mission Meri Mitti, Mission Prachand Bharat, Mission Shahadat Samman, Mission Compulsory Military Training & a bollywood action Guru etc. An important mission of Grandmaster Shifuji is the mission to implement compulsory military training to all citizens of India. He has not only provided his Free of Cost MITTI SYSTEM Mentoring Services to the Indian armed forces and elite special forces , but also trained Indian women in Mission Prahar training program based on the reality based practical street fight, anti inhouse assault survival tactics,protection skills in self-defense. Grandmaster Shifuji aims to train at least one crore Indian women in reality based practical situation handling TACTICS of self-defense techniques under Mission Prahar.

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj, here in this video, along with a proud little Indian gives us an important message that Indians must bear in mind as they are geared to celebrate the 73rd year of India’s independence.

This time we are not introduced to Grandmaster himself, but a young, proud Indian, who cherishes his nation with his entire existence. This young Indian has a few questions for us that are not only rational, but are thought-provoking too. We are being asked what freedom means to us. We are being asked if, in the name of religion and beliefs, collectively killing innocent people is freedom. Isn’t killing or committing violence in the name of God, religion and beliefs a grave sacrilege? We are being asked whether after enjoying the benefits of shelter, transportation and security from our government, baselessly criticizing the government is freedom. We are being asked if wreaking sexist harassment, abuse and discrimination on the basis of their gender over women is freedom. We are being asked if by spreading, giving into rumors and causing communal riots and disrupt harmony of our nation is freedom. Is questioning the struggle, the shahadat of the shaheeds true freedom? Although any democracy is a fallacy without an independent media, we a

re being asked whether in the name of freedom of journalism, selling out our own nation is freedom. We are being asked whether labeling true patriots as loyalists of government is freedom. Is using the advantage of our nation’s secular and democratic culture to label a terrorist as innocent and our Indian Armed Forces as amoral, freedom?

The Article 19 of the Indian Constitution gives us the right to express our views freely. However, lately the media is misusing its powers to create provocation instead of dispersing useful information. One of the most unfortunate consequences of such irresponsible actions is that people who are truly responsible for terrorism are getting away unharmed because we end up labeling them as innocent.

For the 73rd Independence Day of India Grandmaster Shifuji is taking the opportunity to offer his pranam and salam, to all freedom fighters, to all soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for this country, and still continue to do so to this day. Shifuji also extends his wishes to the families of these soldiers – the mothers, sisters, wives who have lost their sons, brothers, and husbands in this fight for independence

Independence Day is not an event that lasts for a single day. It is the result of the fight that involved the blood sweat and tears of all those who laid down their lives for India and its freedom. Grandmaster Shifuji and the young Indian, along with him are reminding us that this freedom our ancestors fought so hard for is now being misused. We as Indians must be aware that although this independence has been achieved, we all, collectively, will have to act in support of our nation every day. We all, collectively, must respect and be grateful for the freedom of our nation every day and be aware of the value of this freedom and independence that we have today. Our India and its soil have been graceful enough to treat all of us with respect by treating us equally – irrespective of caste, class, gender etc. This respect, we must give back to our motherland India. We must be mindful that we give back this same respect – to ourselves, because we are Indians first and foremost. We must give this respect to every fellow Indian, because every one of us is a son or a daughter of the Indian soil.

This Independence Day we must take the opportunity to realize the dignity, and the responsibility that comes along with being born as an Indian. We must celebrate our dignity of being Indian every day. And we must do our duty of being respectful and responsible Indians not only for a day – but every single day.

Jai Hind!

जय हिंद, वन्दे मातरम् ,

इंक़लाब ज़िन्दाबाद ,भारत माता की जय।

EK CHOTA AASHIK | KYA KAHENGE AAP? Independence Day 2019 video

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