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Tricks That Go A Long Way.

A mentor to the Commandos of India Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj teaches us five unarmed combat, self-defence techniques

Who said women aren’t capable of being physically powerful? Debunking the age-old myth, Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bharadwaj’sdemonstrated a series of self-defense techniques at Trio World Academy recently. “All it takes is being aware of one’s surroundings, and responding to a situation promptly,” says Bharadwaj, who is the chief Commandos mentor of the Special Forces and trains the Black Cat Commandos, the Deadly Marine Commandos, Hawk Commandos, Counter Terrorist Group, Special Task Force, Anti Terrorism Squad, Mumbai QRT Commandos and other fighting units of Special Armed Forces, and Indian Armed Forces.

Through Mission Prahar, a self-defence training program initiated to empower women of the country, through which Bharadwaj has trained 30 lakh women, he has been introducing women to the right ways of fending off attackers and staying alert about their surroundings. “Safety needs to be self driven. It is important for all women to understand that they should be adequately equipped to protect themselves from attacks and not wait for help,” he says.

Here, he takes us through five techniques:

The power of the pen

Always keep a pen at hand. You never know when it can turn into a self-defense tool. When someone tries to hurt you, pull out a pen, and jab it into his face first, then the neck, and after that the thigh. These are sensitive areas, and a scratch and jab into these can certainly be fatal, Bharadwaj tells us. “A pen is a lethal tool. It’s easy to carry and a defence tool which is effective,” he says.

Volleyball or the Kathakali technique

You’re walking down a street, and someone suddenly grabs your chin, bring your palms together and lift your hands up in such a way that you hit the perpetrator’s elbow (see pic). “He’s not going to be expecting a blow on the elbow. He’s going to be taken aback,” he says. Punch him on the nose immediately, he adds.

Use the bangle

A bangle, when punched into the attacker’s neck or the eye can result in severe pain. If he’s wearing glasses, then the glass pieces will get into his eyes, blurring his vision.

Hit the helmet

If a person catches you with one hand, make sure you raise your other hand and slap him towards the ear. Many a times, the men may have helmets on. Even so a slap on the helmet is painful enough for the attacker to move away.

Anti-rape technique

a) If you’re standing, and someone tries to attack you, cover their ears first, and at the same time lift up your knee, and kick their chin, stomach and groin (see pic). These are sensitive and painful points, and will make the perpetrator fall back immediately.

b) If you’re thrown on the floor, and he’s holding your neck, get your hands into a namaste position. (see pic). Punch him in the chin and neck, and in all likelihood he will roll over. Swiftly punch him on the nose.

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