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Shifuji Mitti system commando training


Shifuji's desi Martial Art for Civil Service Officers


Law Enforcement training program


Paramilitary Forces training program


Extreme fitness routine program


Shifuji's Modern Kalaripayattu

About grandmaster

Grandmaster Shifujis proudly tells that “He is just a normal Indian citizen" “सबसे पहले एक सामान्य भारतीय” but his unmatchable feasts in his life will smite your mind like nothing else. You need to hold some breath before you go through his exclusive programs. He is a Freelance Commandos Mentor, A Vocal Promoter of Indian Traditional Art forms, Akhada and Desi Culture. Founder of Mission Prahar and Mission Military Training, Kallaripayattu Guruswamy, Verm and Marma Expert, Bollywood Action Designer & Action Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Inventor of urban SRTs Grandmaster & Inventor of MTTI System, Customized CQC, CCQB, SRT’s Expert, Special Mentor for Urban C.I. & CT.


(NOTE - All the credentials can be verified by any legal/concern/investigating authority in person, they are covered & bounded by certain acts).


Inventor of the following training and systems:-
“MITTI ” The first ever Swadeshi Indian Customized Situation Reaction Tactics program Customized C.I. & C.T. systems for close quarter battle & combat system with & without SRW, LRW which specially focuses on the upper body strengthening & Rule of No rule in urban warfare.

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